Canadian Gourmet Foods - Cheese Pleasers - Tapenade - Condiments

Canadian Gourmet Foods  – Cheese Pleasers – Tapenade – Condiments

If you are looking for really flavorful Canadian Gourmet Foods – Cheese Pleasers – Tapenade – Condiments, then you came to the right place. If you are a busy person and sometimes you wish you could just easily create truly Gourmet Food dishes in a whim for your unexpected guests, then you will want to have these gourmet items in your pantry. Gourmet award winner cheese pleasers, condiments with a little Brie baked in the oven is a delicious appetizer you can serve up with fresh crusty bread or crackers.

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Try our Gourmet Foods Canada – Cheese Pleasers – Tapenade – Condiments and caramelized onion comfit. You will enjoy and fall in love with these great additions to our cheese appetizers. Gourmet Du Village cheese pleasers, condiments,  are by far the best and a must have item in your pantry to offer easy appetizers for your guest or enjoy it on a lazy Sunday morning. These cheese pleaser are good with roast pork, use it like the cranberry sauce on turkey,  many refreshing new flavors to enjoy on this special holiday. But you don’t need to have a holiday to enjoy these condiments. My personal favorite is to use it as a pizza topping. Blood orange and Caramelized onion is the best, but the jalapeno and apricots is a very close second best on my list. If you like savory flavors better then I would recommend the Artichoke tapenade or Sheetake mushroom tapenade on pizza or as a condiment beside meats. Tired of the same old salami sandwiches all the time, refresh the usual with these hot sauces and look forward to your lunch breaks.

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