Gourmet Food - Condiments - Hot Dip Mix - Dessert Mix

Gourmet Foods – Condiments – Hot Dip Mix – Dessert Mix

If you are a busy person and sometimes you wish you could just easily create truly Gourmet Food dishes in a whim for your unexpected guests, then you will wanna have these gourmet items in your pantry. Gourmet award winner cheese pleasers, condiments with a little Brie baked in the oven is a delicious appetizer you can serve up with fresh crusty bread or crackers, tasty and spicy hot or cold dip mixes can be ready in minutes to be served with chips or veggies.Read More

The innovative idea to make a savory cheese ball mix is there for you to discover and it is a real conversation piece to serve up at the breakfast table or backyard party. Our  Hot Dip Mix and Dessert Mixes are a real party favorites with the guests and the host as well. Traditional favorites are transformed into new and innovative ideas creating a new era of gourmet entertaining in the food industry. Try these fabulous gourmet foods that are made in small batches in Canada and the US and let us know how you liked them. We need your feed back to keep improving our selection.

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