made in canada, Warm Buddy, Gourmet Foods, Glow Pillows

Made in Canada – Warm Buddy – Gourmet Foods – Glow Pillows

We proudly carry Canada Made – Warm Buddy – Gourmet Foods – Glow Pillows, Country Shop, Punk art jewelry, and glow in the dark pillows. Warm buddy company makes aromatherapy product to help your aches and pains, plush animals with heat bags inside for children to keep them warm at night, it is even great for animals to comfort them. Gourmet Du Village cheese pleasers, condiments,  are by far the best and

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a must have item in your pantry to offer easy appetizers for your guest or enjoy it on a lazy Sunday morning. The pillows with their cute and fun prints that glows in the dark has a multi purpose. Beside being a pillow, it is a decoration item even in the dark, fun print glow in the dark for hours, and some of them with the message like ” I Miss you” I love you Mommy” you can use it instead of a greeting card. Many designs and many colors are available. Great gifts for kids, birthdays, get well, and romantic occasions like valentine’s day for kids and adults.