Sterling Silver Pendants and Necklaces

To mention in the first place silver is a fantastic metal for jewelry. Not only our elegant nickel free sterling silver pendants but also our necklaces has rhodium finish which makes them last forever. Affordability is almost equally important. Sparkling silver attracts humans for very long time as jewelry, coinage, homewares and status symbols and much more besides. In the making of history we often use silver to celebrate milestones, achievements, celebrations and ceremonies, as well as for its beautiful ornamental value. Express your thoughts, feelings, love and appreciation by giving a one of a kind sterling silver pendant as a gift.

The history of silver in jewelry

Silver is harder than gold, softer than copper and second only to gold in malleability and ductility. Silver is one of the noble metals because of its excellent resistance to oxidation. Historically, silver is playing a outstanding role in the jewelry industry. Jewelers usually alloy it with another metal to harden it enough to maintain the desired shape and details imparted to it. At times throughout history silver had higher value than gold.

Full history of Silver