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Christmas Decor – Musical Gifts – Santa Gifts – Online Canada

Finding the perfect item for Christmas for someone is a trilling treasure hunt. Decorating the home and setting the table for the festivities requires a little creativity and imagination and with our selection for holiday decor and table accessories will make it easy and enjoyable. Gathering finely crafted music boxes like Santa’s workshop, The Candy shop, North Pole toy shop is a perfect gift for a child or an adult and it will be a part of the holiday decoration for years to come.  The moving parts, the gleaming lights, and the variety of music it plays makes Christmas truly magical like we remember from our childhood.  A beautiful Christmas design photo album decorated with Swarowski crystals will hold all the great photos of the family year after year.

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It’s that time of year again. Snow is on the ground, and there is merriment in the air. There is nothing else quite like celebrating Christmas in Canada. This time of joy, love, and friendship is made all the more special by the act of showing our generosity to each other by giving gifts that symbolize our love.
Even though marketers and big business will try to tell you that this time of year is all about giving as much mass-produced plastic as possible, in reality it is nowhere close to the truth. The real beauty of this holiday is finding that one perfect gift for the person you love – the one that perfectly encapsulates everything that they are. Our Christmas gifts are unique, stunning, and masterfully crafted so that they cause feelings of joy and wonderment in the recipient. Don’t look in large retailers for gifts that they could easily get anywhere, get them something that they won’t find anywhere else.

  • $129.95

    ..Bear Hugs


    An abundant selection of  chocolates and an adorable teddy bear is delivered to the recipient, that will not be forgotten any time soon.

  • Best Wishes 

    ..Best Wishes


    Send your Best wishes for a speedy recovery or a birthday with this rich assortment of gourmet indulgences.

  • Cheers



    A luxurious gift basket with great food and fantastic oils and balsamic vinaigrette by Zoe.

  • $173.95

    ..Christmas Elf


    An elegant Christmas gift basket with a Festive elf to enhance the celebrations.

  • Family and FriendsFamily and Friends

    ..Family and Friends


    This elegant Gift with a decorative pitcher that is perfect gift for a family occasion.

  • For the Coolest Guy

    ..For the Coolest Guy


    A luxurious gift basket with great food and a handy tool set in a tire case.

  • $198.95

    ..Golden Greeting – Lavishing Celebration Gift Basket


    A perfect Celebration gift goes along with your best wishes when you select a lavish gift basket like this.

  • $85.95

    ..Manly indulgence


    A luxurious gift box with delectable chocolates, and bath care.

  • Dalmatian and Fire plug

    ..Nuts About You


    A fun gift basket with all kinds of goodies with nuts.

  • $94.95

    ..Sent with Love


    Sent with Love – Just the type of gift to let someone know you care.

  • $89.95

    ..Shining Star


    Filled with a generous assortment of fine treats, these signature golden design boxes will deliver a variety of traditional holiday  favorites, guaranteed to satisfy.

  • $127.95

    ..Star Wars Fun Time


    Send a great gift to a friends, young adults or family for their birthday or a get well gift to keep them entertained.

  • $324.95

    ..Supreme Offerings


    A luxurious gift basket with delectable gourmet Guinness chocolates, Bourbon smoked Gouda and more.

  • Dalmatian and Fire plugTruffles vs. Truffles Premier Selection

    ..Truffles vs. Truffles Premier Selection


    A fun gift basket with all kinds of goodies with nuts.

  • $163.95

    ..Winter Indulgence


    Send a variety of winter indulgences with feel good tasty treats to the happy recipients.