Retirement Gifts – Thoughtful Farewell Gift Baskets

Meaningful Retirement Gifts – Thoughtful Farewell Gift Baskets are very important to show the person who is retiring that you greatly appreciate their work over the years and they will be greatly missed. Can be a sentimental gift, or something funny, as long as it comes from your heart they will appreciate the gesture because it came from you.Read More

If you are away from the person who is retiring, you can certainly send a tasty gourmet cake to make your presence known, and your efforts will not go unnoticed. If there is one thing everybody will remember from a party, it is the cake.

You can get a very nice photo album with Swarovski crystals, make a bunch of pictures from all the colleagues, beside the photos there is space to write a special message. This gift would mean a lot more to the recipient then just a postcard. If you know what their hobby is you can get a gift along that line as well. A nice gardening gift basket, or for a tea lover a nice tea set can be a suitable gift. Is he a golfer? Get him a huge ostrich egg decorated with golfer pictures. Is he someone who loves to spend time on a boat? Get him some sail boat design items.