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Product Description

Flowering Tree Lacquer Lamp

These hand-made lamps are made in the traditional lacquer process in Vietnam. This process is quite complicated and can take up to 6 months to finish one piece. Even a simple plate takes up a minimum of 30 days and goes through numerous stages in lacquering process before it is finished as follows:

1. The shape – made of wood, is thoroughly examined for defects. Any crack or indentation is sealed with lacquer substance extracted from the native lacquer tree.

2. The piece is then covered with fine cotton gauze to ensure that there is no cracking induced at later stages.

3. Next, the piece is covered with a thick coating mixed of natural lacquer, finely ground mountain rock, sawdust and alluvial soil.

4. When this coating is dried, the piece is placed under fresh water and sanded with grinding sandstone.

5. Using a brush made from natural fibers, a mixture of alluvial soil and natural lacquer is painted onto the piece’s surface.

6. The above (steps 3-5) are repeated 30 times.

7. The product is now covered with pure natural lacquer which has been continuously beaten for 24 hours to form a glutinous mixture which is applied to create a thick coating over the piece.

8. Once again, the product is sanded under water and the last two steps are repeated.

9. Now, when the lacquer is totally dried, square pieces of silver leaf are applied onto the final surface. Then the surface is coated several times with clear polyurethane.

10.Now, the silver leaf surface serves as the foundation for hand painting each design detail rendering each piece unique and original.

Finally, the piece is coated 3 times with lacquer and the finished product is polished and brightened!

Flowering Tree Lacquer Lamp

Different and Unique
Influenced by beauty, mystery, magic, dreams. Our Lamps are made of wood, painted by hand and then lacquered thirty times. We are proud to say that we have been instrumental in forming some of the finest private collections of Vietnam art in the West.

The creation of objects from the dried sap of lacquer trees (Rhus verniciflua), like silk and porcelain, was a medium invented by the Asian people. From the dawn of their civilization, dating back to Neolithic times, the Asian used it to great effect, creating some of the most astonishing works of art in the history of mankind, and it is not until the first century B.C. do we find evidence of it being produced by other peoples.

Unlike silk or ceramics, producing lacquer wares was not only extremely labor intensive but also risked the craftsmen health (although the Asian discovered antidotes to relieve this from very early on), therefore the scale of production was relatively small, and they were always highly valued luxury items. Lacquer’s preciousness meant that unlike silk or ceramics, it was not widely exported but remained largely for local use.

Flowering Tree Lacquer Lamp Size: 27.5″ H

Shade Size: 17″ Diam

Base: 7″ Sq (Black)

Lamp: 5.5″ Sq

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Modern Lacquer Lamp

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 18 × 18 in


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Size: 27.5" H Shade Size: 17" Diam Base: 7" Sq (Black) Lamp: 5.5" Sq

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